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Captain Jack Harkness (owned by Ryan Hardon)

Mon Feb 20 2012 at 07:40:41

Captain Jack Harkness (owned by Ryan Hardon) is rated 5.179 out of 10!
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Posted by Becky and Sammy on Mon Feb 20 2012 at 12:57:59

Oh kitler you rascal you.

Posted by billy reed on Tue Feb 21 2012 at 16:21:39

that cat looks like it gives good head while i finger it

Posted by billy reed on Tue Feb 21 2012 at 16:22:37

i wish that cat would turn around so i could see its butt....

Posted by HOGTIED BABY GIRL on Tue Feb 21 2012 at 16:23:11

MY MOMs boyfriend came homoe last night, she was so drunk she took the whole cat and shoved it up her butt and the only thing you could see was the tail. So i had to used my mouth to bit the tail and pulled it back out with using my mouth! then poop went all over my face.

Posted by cayce and alyssa on Tue Feb 21 2012 at 16:23:22

i love doing all my homework and doing cats

Posted by clay allen aka big daddy on Tue Feb 21 2012 at 16:23:58

i like it when they come in my room and give me that sexy look and just hop up on my bed and just let me eat em out like no tomorrow

Posted by collin travis on Tue Feb 21 2012 at 16:24:48

mmmmmm thats hot

Posted by ryan Hardon on Tue Feb 21 2012 at 16:25:21

why are you guys abuseing this website i will track you down and let all my pussy unleash!

Posted by Cat Lover on Tue Feb 21 2012 at 16:25:22

you guys are terrible talking about cats like that!

Posted by screw cats on Tue Feb 21 2012 at 16:26:33

ryan hardon your stupid you cat needs to get ran over faggot

Posted by will houghton on Tue Feb 21 2012 at 16:26:38

i just like staring at em and have fantasies about them while the song i like the way you call me big papa plays

Posted by cat vagina on Tue Feb 21 2012 at 16:27:31

i know this kid named collin travis that asked if id do a threesome with him and a cat

Posted by ryan hardon on Tue Feb 21 2012 at 16:28:55

billy reed if you keep commenting nasty like that i will have you banned from my website

Posted by Nolan Nichols on Tue Feb 21 2012 at 16:32:23

who names their cat captian jack harkness?

Posted by (anonymous poster) on Sun Mar 25 2012 at 19:10:19

Was not aware that detention centers were done in french country white with natural wood trim! Best to ignore all the limp biscuits. Lead the way Capt. Jack!

Posted by (anonymous poster) on Mon Apr 30 2012 at 22:28:37

I support your opinion Ryan. These dillholes are a waste of space. Imaturity & stupidity at its finest.

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