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We HATE Kitlers!

Do you think this website is completely inappropriate? Do you not even vaguely think cats with unfashionable Hitler-esque markings is funny? Do you think that Koos and Paul should be put on trial for crimes against the Internet? This is your page.

How can you possibly endorse or support facist racism?  dont you know your history?  it's people like you who oppressed and killed my people.  do you think your that much better than us?  your trying to make hitler and natzism look cute - by asociating small, adorable cats with their hatred.  its NOT cute not NOT funny and i am offended.  I told my grandfather who spent time at the Warstein concentration camp and he almost cried.  i expect an apology!
- Moses Finklestein

This is probably the worst website I have ever seen!! Why on earth is this entertaining!? The pictures are of the same dam cat! Next thing it will be birth marks that resemble countries or celebrities!!! GET A LIFE!!!
- anonymous

Get a job!
- anonymous

I feel for the first time in my life that I have no sense of humour: no cat deserves any connection with Hitler. (am not Jewish, but would quite like to be, but I do really like cats)
- Alison

yo dude your site is kinda gay, no offence butthe catrs dont look enough like hitler, i saw one where the cat is in anazi uniform, more of those cuz thats funny, the rest is kinda gay
 - Evan

I think u should die u stupid geek that is so mean to the cats its not funny its just plain mean I feel so sorry for the cats close this site down or die
 - Dominic from Philip Morant School in Essex

I myself think this site is a disgrace.:(  Hitler killed everything living thing there was and he would kill these cute cats if he was still here. Thank you.
- Rockell

You guys are horrible!  You should be ashamed of yourselves!  This siteis completely vile.   What do you think gives you the right to make funof one of the world's greatest strategist in the history of time (asidefrom the right to free speech, don't give me that jargin, though, asmuch as I contradicted myself).   I hope you all fall into a chamberthat's possibly filled with gas!!
- Barney

I'd like to think that I am a pretty open person with a fairly crude sense
of humor but I find your website really offensive.  I don't think anything
about Hitler is funny and I think I am speaking on behalf of the MILLIONS of
Jews that he tortured and killed (some of which were my family).
- Corina