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The site you now know and love is the brainchild of and currently run by Paul Neve. Paul is a professional football player at international level. Despite being born in England, the Football Association snubbed Paul in favour of Wayne Rooney. As a result of once going into a church for a marriage ceremony, he found he was eligible to play for the Vatican's international side. Unfortunately the Vatican did not qualify for the World Cup after being knocked out in the preliminary qualifying rounds by a team comprised of a plank of wood, several rocks and a small shrubbery.

The original idea of a cat that looked like Hitler came from the deranged mind of Koos Plegt. Despite starting from humble beginnings, he overcame the terrible handicap of being born with a lettuce for a head to become the undisputed Dutch authority on quantum physics and multiverse theory. Second only to Stephen Hawking, Koos is currently working on an equation that, if successful, will instantly bring about global peace and harmony while at the same time generating free beer for the entire population of the world. Koos is doing this while setting new international records to not answering any emails sent to him.

If you want to find out more about Kitlers, or you want to send some fan or hate mail, email Paul:

(Please note we make no guarantees as to the accuracy of the above text. The email address should work* but anything further is the product of a deranged imagination.)

* but is thoroughly spam-filtered, so any spamtossers out there should save their time and bandwidth