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We Love Kitlers!

I never realised there was a whole world of people with cats like mine!

Katzen uber alles!!!
- anonymous

I am priviledged to know several Holocaust survivors and can assure you that none of them would be in the slightest bit troubled by your Kitler fanclub. As a Jew with a (admitedly sick) sense of humour I can honestly say I love your site more than I love gefilte fish, dancing in circles and those stupid little hats - all put together. I showed the site to my mum who teaches a university course in Holocaust studies and she loved it so much she is looking at ways of integrating it into her teaching and research. Watch this space for "A Post-Structuralist Analysis of the Socio-Semiotics of Fuhrer/Feline Inter-Contextuality".

While living in Saudi Arabia years ago, there were many of these kind of right- and left- 'tached Hitler cats! Brought back some fun memories. Great site!

Legend has it that Hitler fed his dog a suicide iill in the bunker where he died to be sure the pill would work. Well it did. The dog died almost immediately. Coming back as a cat having to watch over your shoulder for pissed Germand Shepard dogs must be the ultimate pay-back!

Usually the internet is full of crap but this site... I love it. HAIL KITLER

I think your site is one of the funniest sites about cats that look like Hitler that I've seen this week.
-Glen, Morecambe, England

Your website is just screwed up enough to be brilliant. How much had you to drink when you decided to make this site? Or was it something you were smoking? No matter, it just cracks me up.

I feel a bit left out. I have been chasing my own cat, Miss Vivian, around the house with a thick black market to 'Kitlerfy' her. She's not very impressed. Keep up the astonishingly funny work. Australia loves you!
-Chrissie Swan

Hilarious site! Can't say my cat looks like Hitler. She's black so I suppose she looks like Idi Amin.
-Michael Petek

Keeps me off the porn sites.
-Stephen from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

It is rare that I laugh out loud. Your site completely made my evening. Thank you and keep up the good work.

-Jess (who now wishes she had a kitler)

Your website is possibly the most awesome thing I've ever seen. The world shall tremble before the Kitler hoardes. Or something.

I knew people would collect anything, but I never thought it would be pictures of cats that, well, you know... Well done, but now I think we're finished. It's time to turn off the Internet. -Pete

This nice Jewish girl fucking loves your page. Thank you for being quirky and awesome. I wish I could send a picture, but alas I only have a dog that looks like Alf.
-Joan, San Francisco

This is the best website of all time. The latest Kitlers should be presented every night in the evening news.

Just a bit of encouragement. You're doing great in helping to break down the "AHHHH SOMETHING HAPPENED THAT WAS BAD LETS ALL IGNORE IT AND SPEAK IN REVERENT WHISPERS" block that formed came about over Hitler and all of WW2. Keep up the black humor, the world needs more of it.
-Adam Berman

What a brilliant site! Anything that can make me laugh out loud while I'm this hungover deserves mucho kudos!! For the people that find it offensive - what a sad little world you live in if you can't see the humour in this. Bad hair, bad mustache - funny!! Just ask Burt Reynolds. Cheers, Paul, and can you get a message to "Anonymous" who left the below comment below mine: CALL ME!

My knob is enormous.