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Emma (owned by Justin)

Wed Nov 21 2012 at 05:23:07

Emma (owned by Justin) is rated 5.061 out of 10!
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Posted by JorJa on Thu Nov 22 2012 at 00:31:05

She doesn't fool me. I'm sure she could raise some kane if she wanted to. If the eyes are the mirror to soul-she's saying alot! Your good Emma. Really good. Happy Holidays Emma & Justin, you crazy kids!  

Posted by kim macwilliam on Fri Nov 23 2012 at 23:29:38

Much cuteness

Posted by Theresa on Wed Dec 05 2012 at 15:38:43

Emma, all is fine, it's the room that's sideways, not you. 10++++++ for Emma and Justin.

Posted by Bobby on Wed Dec 05 2012 at 16:26:20

haha that cat looks like hitler

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