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Ciccio (owned by Benedetta)

Wed Dec 05 2012 at 22:55:52

Ciccio (owned by Benedetta) is rated 5.229 out of 10!
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Posted by (anonymous poster) on Fri Dec 07 2012 at 17:28:11

ugly wow so stupid why would anyone even have that cat its the ugliest thing ive ever seen take it heat the oven up and throw it in then eat the cat because its just that stupid kill yourself

Posted by Theresa on Sat Dec 08 2012 at 17:12:14

Fine reverse Kitler (Ritler). Such a shame above post cannot reveal identity, nor puctuate, nor capitalize to expess their angst over what? Might want to try an apostrophy every now and then.  
10+++++! for 'Ciccio'.  
Useful note to above post. There is a link on Paul's site for 'We Hate Kitlers'. Knock yourself out. :-)

Posted by JorJa on Fri Dec 14 2012 at 22:13:30

I loved your post-so true. Go there,PLEASE. They're lack of puncuation,etc tells all something, now doesn't it. Obviously, they lacked something in their upbringing. Cicco has that solid black tail-adore it & stache is pretty good too. I'm w/ya T. Ciccio rocks the holidays for me-Thx. Oh, added should see this dictionary! This Kittlerette is on guard-rest assured.

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