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Toezellini (owned by Sherrie)

Thu Dec 06 2012 at 18:07:49

Toezellini (owned by Sherrie) is rated 4.871 out of 10!
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Posted by Sam Evans on Fri Dec 07 2012 at 10:39:29

What the...? Kitler? I mean come on cats that look like hitler those cats MUST be demented!

Posted by Theresa on Fri Dec 07 2012 at 15:23:38

'Kitlertasic'! I thought long and hard about this, so...c'mon 'Kitlerettes in Klub Kult Kamp', let's bury the above 1st post. There is a link on Paul's site for 'I Hate Kitlers' and that's where above post should be as we are a gentle krowd here.  
10+++++ for Toezellini and Sherrie owner and adore his toes! :-)

Posted by U Kn0w what i mean on Sun Dec 09 2012 at 11:11:20

Nice 0ne i luv it

Posted by JorJa on Tue Dec 11 2012 at 00:57:32

Go Kitlers, go Kitlers! Can dig it, practicing the heil-could it be Mr. T is crafty-throwing us off with that sweet face! A true honeybunny! Little black toes & all.

Posted by Theresa on Tue Dec 11 2012 at 13:02:23

Is it just me or am I counting six toes and where the heck have my Kitlerettes been? I've had to fend off the strange all by myself of late. That's kool, I can bring an unruly klassroom to a screeching halt.  
Again, 10++++++ for Toezellini and me likey.

Posted by JorJa on Fri Dec 14 2012 at 22:02:05

Yeah, Theresa, we've picked some wierdos but we'll keep going on in spite of the wierdos. After all, it's their brain that's goofy. & I saw 6 toes,too, on this honeybunny . Love Toezellini. Kittlerettes unite!

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