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Stash (owned by Elizabeth Evansky)

Wed Dec 19 2012 at 03:20:49

Stash (owned by Elizabeth Evansky) is rated 4.884 out of 10!
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Posted by JorJa on Wed Dec 19 2012 at 14:54:21

Fuzzy wuzzy was a cat with a fuzzy mustache, to match. She said "No one can have that 'stache' it's mine all mine! Anyone who trys to take the fuzzy wuzzy stache off will get a fuzzy wuzzy bop from a littie fuzzy, wuzzy paw! Love your baby; Great kitty choice-adorable anyway you look at it! Lucky you & our darling stache.  

Posted by Theresa on Thu Dec 20 2012 at 13:30:34

'I'm a 'Yitler' and Persian to boot. I'm a Persitler'. Not to be confused with 'Pitler' Party Kitler = One that can hang in any social situation.  
10++++++ for Stash.

Posted by mees on Fri Dec 21 2012 at 00:03:12

Persitler is perrrrfect. Not sure if she likes to be one, though... What about Critler = Crabby Cranky Kitler?  

Posted by Theresa on Fri Dec 21 2012 at 13:11:54

Oh dear, had my share of crabby cranky kitlers = 'Critler'.  
Note to Jorja keeper of dictionary ~ 'mees' in kamp with 'Critler' furry sure.  
10+++++ for Stash.

Posted by JorJa on Sat Dec 22 2012 at 17:13:10

Gotcha Mees-Kamper. Easily corrected Krabby Kranky Kitlers. Problem solved. Thinking outside the box! Ha!

Posted by JorJa on Sat Dec 22 2012 at 17:17:29

Duly noted: Persitler-Persian Kitler not to be confused with Pitler-Party Kitler. Does anyone see this getting complicated?!

Posted by Theresa on Sun Dec 23 2012 at 16:14:27

'Persitler (Persian Kitler)' and then even better, 'Critler' via 'mees' definately a keeper in kamp. Critler can be applied to most all with kranky kattitudes. Yes Jorja, this is becoming very komplicated and how many 'isms' are we up to now?!  
10+++++++ for 'Stash'.

Posted by Bob on Tue Nov 25 2014 at 05:28:55

This Kitler's a hoot! Looks like a little werewolf.

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