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Geraldine (London, ON) (owned by Natalie Hicken)

Thu Dec 20 2012 at 17:40:53

Geraldine (London, ON) (owned by Natalie Hicken) is rated 4.845 out of 10!
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Posted by JorJa on Sat Dec 22 2012 at 16:28:20

Miss Geraldine, Miss Geraldine you are 1 fine lady. I had 1 that looked just like you and loved him dearly. Not to mention you're 1 good Kitler. Thx Natalie & Geraldine for a wonderful memory.

Posted by Theresa on Sun Dec 23 2012 at 17:10:12

Geraldine appears to be a very refined Kitler, with lovely manners as I see nothing destroyed in kamp.  
Great markings, great posture.  
10++++++ for Geraldine.

Posted by JorJa on Thu Jan 03 2013 at 04:28:20

Geraldine makes a fine Stancler-Kitler with proper pose execution. Only the refined can pull that 1 off! & T., haven't given up on dictionary;still working on it. We've got about 50isms at this time. Nothing more to say except keep 'em coming!

Posted by Roxy on Sun Dec 21 2014 at 02:29:06

What is zis talk about Bella und Gerald. Do you not zee my name. Ist Geraldine. Say no more! Ich bin Kitpizzled!

Posted by (anonymous poster) on Sun Dec 21 2014 at 04:42:31


Posted by Kimba on Sun Dec 21 2014 at 09:04:25

Have to ditto ditler all of my wonderful kitlerettes. She is a lovely girly who reminds me of my feral kitler stubs and her daughter, Minnie. Aww Blessings to your former baby , JorJa girl. :) xox to Geraldine. Hugs to all of the KBC. I have been in CT celebrating with my fam. Good to be back with my kitler fam. :)

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