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Nosey (owned by Mayf)

Tue Feb 12 2013 at 03:35:53

Nosey (owned by Mayf) is rated 4.965 out of 10!
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Posted by JorJa on Sat Feb 16 2013 at 15:53:46

The rare Artic KaliKitler. The hair, the nose & the Artic fox coat. Truly a CaliKitler of the Artic design. She's presh,Mayf. You know I'd take her in a minute! Proud moment for you both! Oh, the name! As my bud Theresa says, me likey! Hope you don't mind the 'borrow', T!

Posted by Theresa on Sat Feb 16 2013 at 23:21:42

Fine example of 'kalikitler'. I'm not resident expert (that would be JorJa), borrow from me anytime. Me likey. 10+++++++++ for Nosey.

Posted by Aaron on Mon Feb 18 2013 at 23:55:05

Such a cute cat :)

Posted by Bindo on Mon Feb 25 2013 at 00:24:24

This is the best cat

Posted by Shimon on Mon Feb 25 2013 at 00:42:04

This cat is thriving

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