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Kitler (owned by Rose Gates)

Thu Feb 28 2013 at 00:31:12

Kitler (owned by Rose Gates) is rated 5.230 out of 10!
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Posted by mees on Fri Mar 01 2013 at 00:35:18

Unbelievable, so cute!!!

Posted by JorJa on Fri Mar 01 2013 at 19:50:38

Cute-attack. Love your baby, much mas!

Posted by Theresa on Sat Mar 02 2013 at 21:06:36

Itty bitty youth kitler  
yitler bitler'. Running high on beyond adorable here!  

Posted by Fe on Sun Mar 03 2013 at 13:26:43

Posted by Tim on Mon Mar 11 2013 at 15:38:25

What's a Josef Stalin look-a-like doing on here?

Posted by Kitler Diaries on Tue Mar 19 2013 at 02:44:14

Oh, what an 'off the chart' adorable bit of sweetness! The little heil & you can even see the baby teeth. Aaawwww...he's(?) just great, Rose. Sending much love yours & kitler's way. Hugs, rubs, & kitty kisses for your babydoll!

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