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Der Furrer (owned by Sandy Weinberg)

Fri Dec 21 2012 at 17:29:01

Der Furrer (owned by Sandy Weinberg) is rated 6.100 out of 10!
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Posted by Russell on Sun Aug 20 2017 at 18:18:41

He looks like he wants to kill someone.

Posted by ynon on Sat Nov 11 2017 at 19:54:36

damm that cat look's like hitler

Posted by Crazy Ray on Tue Dec 05 2017 at 04:10:07

looks just like Hitler!!!!

Posted by Bella on Wed Dec 06 2017 at 01:54:23

It crazy how much this cat looks like Hitler

Posted by cf on Fri Jan 05 2018 at 00:09:20

wow even the hair...

Posted by Paula on Sat Mar 10 2018 at 08:46:37

Awesome. Eviiil in his eyes.

Posted by Scottish courts of Justice on Fri Mar 23 2018 at 04:46:37

Mein Furrer

Posted by April on Mon Apr 09 2018 at 00:44:55

This dude is lol number one kitler in my book

Posted by Pamela on Sat Apr 21 2018 at 03:45:28

This kitler had me laughing so hard,I peed my pants! Comb over, stache, and evil stare all there. #1 in my book. Thanks for sharing.

Posted by (anonymous poster) on Tue Aug 14 2018 at 22:40:10

Posted by Kitty guy on Wed Sep 05 2018 at 16:25:04

Hide yo cats, hide yo kittens, kitlers coming for Christmas

Posted by i love u on Sun Oct 21 2018 at 19:15:21

this is the best kitler god bless

Posted by Paul on Wed Nov 07 2018 at 00:23:58

This is BY FAR the best Kitler!  
I blew it and voted a "1". I thought that it meant it should be #1! I guess it should be a "10". So sorry about that.

Posted by Heinrich himmler on Tue Dec 25 2018 at 07:22:22

Mein Fuhrer!! Sieg Miaow!!

Posted by Anonymous on Fri Mar 15 2019 at 00:03:08

10/10! This is the Furrer! Erm... Fuhrer

Posted by God damnit Paul on Sun Mar 17 2019 at 04:10:58

Paul seriously, wtf.

Posted by RealGerman on Mon Mar 18 2019 at 21:05:02

OMG, Jesus christ, you named him "Der Furrer" XD XD XD Thats the best pun ever!!!

Posted by Steve J on Fri Mar 29 2019 at 22:10:15

How this guy is not #1 is beyond me.

Posted by FukkenSaved on Fri May 24 2019 at 05:23:44

Great for another reason - looks just like Otto Bismarck!

Posted by Sian Blogg on Tue Jul 09 2019 at 13:00:59

The best Kitler by miles!

Posted by Claire on Sun Nov 10 2019 at 01:29:30

This one never fails to get me (and the one to use to ‘explain’ Kitlers to those who just don’t quite get it). Thanks for the laugh (again).

Posted by Gulliver on Wed Dec 18 2019 at 22:30:10

He's back!

Posted by (anonymous poster) on Sun May 31 2020 at 12:33:11


Posted by (anonymous poster) on Sun May 31 2020 at 16:54:49


Posted by anonymus on Sun Aug 30 2020 at 13:44:44

Is he gonna kill someone? xD

Posted by Adolpho Ramirez on Wed Oct 14 2020 at 13:58:15

How is it possible that this one isn't #1??? :D

Posted by Wim on Sun Nov 15 2020 at 09:24:33

The mustage is photoshopped

Posted by village of fucking in austria on Mon Mar 29 2021 at 14:47:00


Posted by krebs on Mon Mar 29 2021 at 14:47:15


Posted by krebs on Mon Mar 29 2021 at 14:47:26


Posted by krebs on Mon Mar 29 2021 at 14:47:41


Posted by krebs on Mon Mar 29 2021 at 14:47:52


Posted by your fahter on Wed May 05 2021 at 15:15:29

frick your mother you silly homosectional

Posted by a sad sad villager on Wed May 05 2021 at 15:17:24

I am a sad sad villager. It's been 4 days since I have eaten a warm meal. My boy doesn't have long left. Please send help. Haha funny cat tho

Posted by Mark on Fri May 07 2021 at 20:22:42

I'm never gonna move his food bowl!

Posted by wtf on Thu Jul 15 2021 at 00:54:50

haha thats bloody epic!

Posted by Bretton Fereguson on Fri Sep 10 2021 at 13:55:47

I got a 30 day ban on Facebook for posting this Kitler photo with the words "Wir müssen die Mäuse ausrotten!"

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