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Our sponsor since the site's inception has been Orange Information Systems, who are a UK-based IT supplier and consultancy. As most of our readers hail from a gazillion countries around the world, and by and large are either cat lovers, or people frittering their lives away on frivolous comedy websites (or a combination of both!), it wasn't really much of a fit for them, and they only carried on the sponsorship because their top bloke was quite, quite, insane.

Unfortunately, said top bloke has recently regained his sanity, and wants to shop shelling out money for us on the basis that CTLLH has bugger all relevance to his business. Spoilsport. This means that the prime sponsorship spot is up for grabs.

CTLLH has been running for two years now, and in that time has been featured on innumerable blogs around the internet, radio stations, newspapers and TV shows around the world. Among others, we have been featured on the Jonathan Ross show in the UK, Das Speigel TV in Germany (no joke!), The Sydney Morning newspaper in (unsurprisingly) Australia, The Sun, The Daily Mail and The Daily Telegraph newspapers in the UK, The New York Post and innumerable smaller regional/local newspapers in the US, to name just a few.

In that time we've posted over 2000 wannabe feline dictators, managed to home loads of shelter cats as an occasional sideline by drumming up publicity for them, and, I believe, brightened up the day of people around the world by giving them that priceless gift - something that makes them laugh. Oh, and we've pissed off a few Neo-Nazi types too, which can't be bad either.

We don't go overboard for advertising on this site - to me, nothing is worse than a website that overloads the senses with seizure-inducing over-the-top ads plastered all over it, completely subsuming the actual content. However, one has to pay the bills.

Thus the main sponsor spot is a prime and relatively exclusive opportunity to reach huge numbers of cat lovers and general internet slackers worldwide. It would be ideal for any business that deals with pets or animals - toys, pet food, stores, whatever your business, CTLLH would help you reach both a national and international audience.

Enough of the hard sell; if you've got this far you probably already know who we are and what we do. If you are interested in teaming up with the furry Fuhrers and declaring "Sieg Miaow" to the world at large - and in doing so, getting your products and company out there to a gazillion cat and animal lovers! - drop me an email at to find out more.