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Submission Guidelines

  • This website is called, Cats That Look Like Hitler. It's not called Random Tabby Cats. Realistically, if the cat doesn't have black and white markings, chances are he isn't going to make it to the site. For example, someone submitted the guy below. He's a lovely looking cat, but he isn't what we're looking for here!
  • The pictures need to be clear and reasonably sized. The system will prevent you from submitting something that's too big. It won't prevent you from submitting something too small -- however, we just won't use it! For reference, the guy below was too small:

  • If you're going to cheat, at least do it well! We can usually spot a Photoshop job. And please don't think of smearing boot polish around your cat's mouth, as the owners of the guy below did. I'm sure it's not good for the cat, and the best you'll get is put on the submissions guidelines as an example of what NOT to do:

  • The guy below is what we call a Reltik, rather than a Kitler. Specifically, this is a reversed Kitler, with a white tache instead of a black one. We don't take Reltiks. The guy below is in fact Paul's cat, Ringo. If Paul isn't willing to accept his OWN cat as a Kitler he certainly isn't going to accept yours! (Even if it is a cracking picture :-)

  • The pictures need to be relatively clear and in-focus. We're not expecting professional photography, but it does help if we can actually make out that the picture is of a cat.
  • One submission at a time. So pick your best one, or we'll do it or you! And submitting your cat repeatedly is not likely to endear you or him to us!
  • In submitting your picture to us, you relinquish your copyright to it to and grant permission for us to use him on the website and any other media we may provide to people. So don't come crying to us if he ends up on someone's coffee mug or something!